The eventful night of snow is now over for everyone, and sunshine will dominate through this Sunday.  Even though the main event is over, we do still have some strong winds to contend with today (but not as strong as last night).  The wind coupled with an astronomical high tide (did you see the full moon?) could cause some minor coastal flooding.  The best chance for this will be on north and east facing shorelines, specifically through the South Shore, Cape Cod and the NE side of Nantucket.  High tide this morning is at 11am, but the concern is there for 2 hours on either side of that "peak" time.  A Coastal Flood Warning is in effect for the Cape, and a Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect for the N and S Shores through 2pm (see graphics below).

How about them snow totals, though?  It was a rough ride for us last night – watching it come down, and the line creeping farther north.  It was still a sharp cut-off, with 15"+ along Cape Cod and really nothing NW of 495 (specifically places like Leominster, Groton, Fitchburg, Pepperell… etc.)  I did get this report from Hopkinton on Twitter:  

@BriEggers "really nothing N & W of 495" – got around 6 inches in Hopkinton, so don’t know what you’re talking about

— Greg (@GPFraz) January 24, 2016

The official count for Boston was 6.1".  Some of us have shoveling to do today – but this is serious business.  If you can, find your "shovel buddy" to take turns with – as well as keep an eye on one another!  And maybe sport a Pats jersey as well.  It is game day, after all!  

As we head through this week, the forecast looks quiet – and MILD.  We’ll get some melting done.  A lot of people have been asking, "Is this the beginning of another snow blitz like last year?"  NO!  I know the timing of this storm was a little eerie (almost to the day of our first significant snowfall last winter) – but if you remember last year, the cold was relentless.  We kept getting snow on top of snow, on top of snow because the temperatures stayed below freezing.  That’s not the case this week.  In fact, we’ll climb into the mid to upper 40s on Tuesday!  There will be a whole-lotta meltin’ goin’ on.  

I am keeping an eye on Friday, though.  Forecast models are hinting at a storm, but it is off-shore right now.  As always, we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.  But, now that we have a little break in weather-watching (sunshine today, remember?), how about we all watch some football?!  Go PATS!  Have a great day, and stay safe out there.  – Breezy

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