I said it tonight on Twitter, and I’ll say it again:  "The weather today was wackadoo."  I mean, we must remind ourselves that it is January – but what was all of that?!  A whole lotta rain, a whole lotta wind… and a whole lotta crazy warmth.  Most areas picked up between 1-2" of rain, but some spots got the fire-hose; Assonet, for example, picked up 2.6" of rain!  A few people have asked me recently, "If this had all been snow, how much snow would it have been?"  Just for fun (because there’s much more to be considered)… by taking a 10:1 ratio (meaning 10" of snow for every inch of water), this could have been between 15-26" of snow… but alas, the cold was just not in place for us this go-around.

It wasn’t even kinda cold.  It was downright warm – and still is, as I write this blog!  Records were broken today, with a high of 58° for BOS (old record was 56° in 2000) and a high of 56° for ORH (old record, 53° in 1939).  Well, if you’re not a fan of these temps soaring into the 50s (and even into the 60s, as it did in Norwood today!) then never fear!  More winter-like weather is back with us for this entire work-week, with even a shot at some snow.

The temps will fall overnight tonight.  The important thing to remember is, what is still wet will be frozen by the morning commute.  We’ll likely hit our technical high for Monday just after midnight and then see temps drop until the sun comes up.  Lows will be 26-34°, so really it’s the side roads, sidewalks and driveways in the ‘burbs that will get the patchy ice toward daybreak.  The sun is back with us tomorrow, but so is the more seasonable chill of winter.  Temps won’t climb much as the day moves along, topping out in the low 30s for most.  There will also be a breeze out of the west tomorrow, which will make it feel like it’s closer to 20 degrees.  It’s colder – It’s blustery.  We’re all breaking out that winter parka once again.

Tuesday is our shot at snow this week.  An energizing Clipper will move across the Great Lakes during the day and likely sweep some precip in our direction during the afternoon/evening Tues. (see below).  It doesn’t look like much snow; only a coating to 2" of snow (best chance for snow will be well inland) and just wet flakes/rain for SE Mass. and coastal areas.  

The cold looks to be settling in… and there could be something brewing for next weekend.  Details are still unclear as to how much snow/rain/wind, timing… etc.  Stay tuned!

Have a great week!  – Breezy

Tuesday’s potential snow

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