The stretch of gorgeous weather we have come to know and love is showing signs of wearing on Mother Earth. Gardens are parched, lawns are burning, and the dust is rising. A little rain would help things along, but it will take time to work in over the next day or two.

Humidity, however, is quick to leap to action tonight and tomorrow. All day long we’ve been slowly increasing the muggy air with the help of that southwest wind. This is the fuel for the rain threat along with the approaching cool front/low pressure combo.

Unfortunately for some, the rain could be a little heavy-handed. A mass of slow-moving storms is expected to develop across Northern New England tomorrow, locally dropping between 2-4 inches of water! In the meantime, we sit and watch the show over Southern New England as a big high pressure system steers all the wet weather from Albany to Lake Winnipesaukee. 

By the time the focus turns to us on Thursday, the storms will have thinned out a bit, so although we could see some intense rain, it doesn’t look as widespread as tomorrow’s setup over Northern New England. And moreover, this particular day isn’t washed out. Threat for storms/downpours is early and late….and yes, that means for the Billy Joel concert at Fenway.

Humidity hasn’t really drilled us this summer, and this little spat is just that: lifting on Friday and gone by the weekend. And once again, el sol dominates!


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