Furniture delivery truck rolls down street, worker jumps to safety

A box truck went out of control in Worcester Friday, when it rolled down a hill and smashed into a patio.

A man in the back of the truck managed to jump out, and police said it all happened as they were unloading furniture.

The incident happened on Shelby Street in Worcester.

The Bob’s furniture delivery truck lost its brakes with no driver at the wheel, and zoomed down the roadway right into a family’s front staircase.

"It sounded like a damn bomb went off," 78-year-old homeowner Helen Gallati said.

Gallati was sleeping inside when the crash happened. Her son watched it all while monitoring the home’s surveillance cameras from afar.

"I said uh-oh, there’s no delivery,” Steve Gallati said. “I saw furniture and everything on the lawn."   

The incident started at a house about 300 feet away. The woman who lives there did not want to be identified, but she said two delivery men pulled up to drop off a couch she had ordered.

"The kid did the routine, he parked the car, he straightened out the wheels, he told the other guy to get out of the car and put some brake under the tires," the woman said.

As the 24-year-old delivery driver talked to the customer, his 27-year-old co-worker went to the back of the truck to get the furniture out, and it started rolling.

"We come out, I ask, ‘Where’s your truck?’” the woman said. “He goes, ‘What do you mean?’”

Police said the worker jumped off the moving truck and hurt his hand.

The truck then hit a parked car, a wall, a staircase, a street sign and a porch.

Furniture went flying everywhere.

Bob’s Furniture has declined to comment on the incident.

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