Georgia apartment residents trapped after stairs removed

DeKalb County, GA (WHDH) — Several residents were stuck upstairs with no way out, after crews removed the staircase at a Georgia apartment complex.

“This is crazy, how can you cutoff access to the stairs,” said resident Andre Williams, “and everybody’s in their apartments.”

Resident say they woke up to find crews removing the stairs and a notice on the door saying they would not have access to them until Thursday.

“You can’t lock everybody up up here, we feel trapped,” said another resident, Shawnta Tiller. “There could be a fire, how are we supposed to get down?”

Management didn’t answer the door or calls. Even the fire Marshall could not get a hold of them.

But management did warn residents last week to leave while they fixed the shaky stairs that partially collapsed during Memorial Day weekend.

Firefighters brought in a ladder to rescue the trapped resident.

“It’s better to be proactive, before an emergency takes place, as this case, then wait until a tragedy occurs because it certainly is not worth it,” said Dekalb County Fire Marshall, Joseph Cox. “One phone call and it will be addressed.”

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