Georgia Tech swim team holds swim practice in the snow

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WHDH) — The Georgia Tech men’s swim team took matters into their own hands after a snowstorm canceled a swim meet by having their practice outside in the snow.

The team was at Virginia Tech for the meet, which was canceled due to the heavy snowfall and poor road conditions. Stuck at their hotel, they decided to suit up and go outside anyway. Originally planning to do snow angels, their plan quickly evolved into a full swim practice.

“I figured if there was four of us, we might as well throw in a medley relay,” said sophomore Colton Williamson.

While they eagerly ran outside in their bathing suits, the swim team members said they eventually “couldn’t feel anything” as their hands and feet got super cold.

The boys said they were surprised to see the video get picked up by CNN and then countless local news channels. The video has currently been viewed more than 3 million times on Georgia Tech’s Facebook page.

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