These long, long, long storms can be doozies. They sap your strength and willpower (to shovel and plow). They test stamina and forecasting prowess (with shifting lines of heavy snow). And they make you sharp at math.

And for those whose brains hurt from adding up all the numbers, we did some simple math for you and came up with the totals you see on the right. Sit well with you? Maybe not, but don’t just sit there, find somewhere to put it!

There are essentially two phases to this storm. What comes tomorrow and what comes Monday. Tomorrow’s snow really comes tonight and early tomorrow. And Monday’s snow comes all day and into the night. Lost you yet?

What’s really gonna bake your noodle is the fact that while some places are snowing steady and light, there may be others that crank snow in the “height” of this event on Monday thanks to ocean effect. That’s a fancy term for snow that feeds in off the ocean – not necessarily from a storm system as much as from the sheer direction of the wind and a cold airmass scooping ocean moisture up and depositing it as snow along the coast. Think Lake Effect around the Great Lakes.

What’s more is that we are still having a hard time seeing where that will lay up. At first, it seems to form west to east from Boston to Framingham, then later shifting to the North Shore as the wind turns more northeast. At least that’s what we’re envisioning.

First main pulse move in tonight, then backs off midday tomorrow (a bit). The main wave of snow is late tomorrow through all of Monday and Monday night. Here’s where you’ll grab 75% of your snow.

We’ll be along every step of the way. Stay with 7News.




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