(CNN) — Jon Hamm puts his last name to good use in a new campaign.

When Hamm got a call from his commercial agent about a Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad, the actor agreed to appear in the spot, he said, because the company’s message was to encourage “viewers to get creative in the kitchen” and limit food waste.

It meant a day’s work alongside Brie Larson and Pete Davidson.

Hamm in the ad plays the ham in a ham and brie sandwich, while Larson plays the brie, of course. Davidson plays a hungry guy opening his fridge.

“I’ve been saddled with the last name Hamm since I came into existence,” Hamm told CNN in a recent interview. “It’s always been an easy go-to for making fun of myself. But having Pete actually ingest me was a completely different kettle of fish, I’m mixing metaphors left and right here, but it was super fun.”

Hamm said he was drawn to the campaign’s aim to reduce food waste based on what he observed working in the restaurant industry for many years while pursuing an acting career.

“Seeing how much food actually gets wasted in a day is kind of heartbreaking,” Hamm said. “We have a very weird relationship with food storage and food purchasing and the result is the tremendous amount of food waste, especially on Super Bowl Sunday.”

Hamm, who also does voiceover work for other brands, said he looks for projects he can “either have fun with or that is meaningful in some way to me.”

“Having played a fictional advertising executive for many years, I have a certain amount of respect for the game,” he added.

The “Mad Men” star said he enjoyed collaborating with Davidson and Larson.

“I know Pete quite well, and he’s a lovely guy,” he said, adding that he’s been a fan of Larson and her work “for a long time.”

Hamm spoke to CNN from his hotel room in the Calgary area, where he is currently shooting Season 5 of “Fargo.”

“It’s a good season, It’s gonna be an exciting one,” Hamm said, adding that he also just wrapped Season 3 of “The Morning Show,” alongside his friend Jennifer Aniston.

He’ll be watching Sunday’s game from Canada, he said, and has a vested interest because Kansas City is his team.

“But I mostly just tune in for the commercials,” he quipped.

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