Plenty of sun to support plenty of warmth….but again we fell short in many spots. Sea breeze to blame? In part, yes. The other part of this was a cooler column of air in the mid and upper atmosphere. It was a double whammy that kept us in the 40s and 50s. Couple of exceptions to that however, Providence and Taunton made 61.

Those particular high temps on such a chilly day give me confidence to go for 60s this weekend, amidst a favorable wind (OFFshore) and sunshine. Heck, low 60s are in the cards in many spots.

But before we get there, the we’re in for a chilly introduction to the weekend. A stiff east wind, advancing clouds and some late day showers will keep us in the low 40s (!) tomorrow. What’s worse is that most of the day will be spent in the upper 30s: we just hit the low 40s for a brief period tomorrow afternoon.

Showers look like they’ll hold off until the 5-7pm timeframe, at which point they’ll settle in for the night. I’m expecting a speedy exit to the rain and a rapid deployment of the sun on Saturday morning, boosting us to near 60 or in the low 60s in many spots. Sunday’s even milder with a west/northwest wind! So after being held down in the 40s most of this week, this is a breakout spring weekend for coastal communities.

Signs are pointing to more overall warmth in the extended forecast as well, but let’s not start reading into this just yet. The spring pattern is just starting, and it has no bearing (and is dropping no hints) on what we can expect for summer.


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