Falling Back

It was another "September" stunner in Southern New England. 

While we didn’t snap the record, the fact that we tied it in both Boston and Worcester was incredible for November. Three times we’ve been above 70 this month. It’s been 6 times in the suburbs, and twice in Worcester. (Record is 6 days in Boston and 5 in Worcester.)

While tomorrow is a good 10-14 degrees cooler, it still isn’t even close to normal. We need a colder shot of air in the upper atmosphere to do that. Take a look to the right and you’ll see a nimble batch of cold air pivoting into New England late Saturday night. That will sink our temperatures to the low and mid 50s on Sunday. Yeah, see-your-breath kind of cold. But don’t you call it that. It’s right where we should be for this time of year.

But this is only a brief shot of cold. Next week we’ll get back to where we’ve been for most of the month: above normal. No, I’m not saying the 70s are back on the menu, but 60s certainly are within reach on a couple of days.

Enjoy the weekend and be safe.