While it was all well and good for many, Boston fell short of expectations with today’s sorry high of 60. Thought the sea breeze wasn’t a factor this far into the season? As we often (OK, too often) say in the TV “biz”, ‘think again’.

Another mild day is on tap for tomorrow. Despite a lot of clouds, we still make the low 70s in many spots. A cool front slides through late day for a quick sprinkle, then the change in wind direction heralds the arrival of the cooler air.

Something’s still afoot for the weekend. Yesterday it looked like a small storm that quickly darts offshore, but now it appears that there will be a much larger storm with greater implications for all of New England. Gotta be careful here. Throwing around snow in the forecast is the equivalent of tossing a stink bomb in the middle of the newsroom. There’s a lot of buzz about how much, when and where, but the finer points of the forecast still have to come together. Speculating this far out ticks people off – especially when Halloween is around the corner and everyone simply wants to know what to wear.

So let’s go there first. Looks like we float back to reality on Thursday as highs crest in the mid 50s. Tad colder for Halloween, with a sharp drop into the 40s by evening. Stays dry, but spooky clouds will continue to roll in. Expect cool readings in the 40s.

We’ll continue to speculate on the weekend storm. There are no locks, but the theme seems to be a rain to snow setup with potential accumulations around Worcester, and a howling wind both days. Hang on tight.


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