WELLESLEY, MASS. (WHDH) - It’s supposed to be a night to remember, but prom night for one teen was a little tough to swallow.

When Kathleen Garvey was getting ready for prom with her boyfriend Colin Emerson, she was having trouble pinning the boutonniere on her date.

She held the pin in her mouth, until her boyfriend made a joke, and the pin ended up down her throat.

Garvey didn’t actually swallow the boutonniere, but she inhaled it.

“I was scared the pin was there and I said ‘Oh my god did you swallow it?’, and she said, ‘I don’t know’,” Emerson said.


The Wellesley High School senior said she wasn’t in pain, and thought the pin might have gotten lost.

The next morning, however, she took a precautionary trip to the hospital, and doctors were shocked to see the pin sitting in her bronchial tubes.

In a quick 45-minute surgery, the pin was out, leaving her with memories of the prom she said from the onset was destined to be a prom she’d never forget.

Emerson initially asked Garvey to prom on the Red Sox jumbotron at Fenway Park.


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