UNDATED (WHDH) — From hang gliding, to a flying trapeze, you could say Libby Segal has done it all, or at least tried to.

"Piloting a plane has been my absolute favorite hobby, I did it twice, that's how much I enjoyed it,” said Segal.

In February of last year, the University of Rhode Island grad embarked on an endeavor, dubbing herself: "The Hobby Hoarder."

Her goal: to try something new once a week for a year.

"I knew I had to start the project with something no one really expected me to ever try,” said Segal.

That something was pole dancing.

"It was absolutely outside my comfort zone, all about self image,” said Segal.

And the most unusual activity she tried?

"Something really strange I didn't know even existed until I went on to one of those deal sites, samurai sword fighting,” said Segal.

You heard her right.

"I went and took samurai sword fighting class in NYC. It was awesome,” said Segal.

And though her hobbies have been varied, one common thread:

"I’ve been focusing on my two main hobbies the whole time, writing and video editing and making

This, to document her adventures.

Another constant: the yellow sunglasses, which she says are a symbol of having a bright outlook on life.

She's already surpassed her original goal of 52 hobbies in a year and plans to wrap up her project with a road trip next month.

She also plans to write a book about her experiences, hoping it can inspire others.

"Once you start trying everything, you find the only thing you're incapable of is being incapable. You can really do anything,” said Segal.

Something Libby Segal knows all too well.

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