Girl seeks to remove name from Huffington Post ‘naughty’ list

A Michigan girl is sounding off after her name landed at the top of The Huffington Posts’s ’20 Kids’ Names That Most Often Appear On The ‘Naughty’ List’ article.

Ella was brought to tears when she spotted her name, but decided she was going to do something. The 7-year-old, who says she’s never received coal for Christmas, is now trying to erase the name from the list. Ella is at the top, followed by Bethany and Eleanor.

“I kind of thought that everyone would see that, like my friends would and think I was naughty and not be my friend,” she said.

In a strongly worded letter, which she addressed to “those publisher people,” she wanted to set the record straight.

“I wanted to say to those publisher people that I didn’t like what they did, and I wanted them to take it right off the news,” Ella said. “I would like to tell you that the bad behaved child list that you published is bologna because number one on that list was my name.”

Ella’s parents didn’t push for it, but they did suggest she write the letter.

“I wasn’t sure, we didn’t talk about it much and she didn’t respond to it much other than she ran off and wrote it,” Brett Christie, Ella’s father said.

“Ella, she is pretty outspoken often and pretty verbal and good about expressing her feelings, but to the extent she took it, yes I was surprised,” said her mother Mary Christie.

Ella hasn’t received a response, but she said that she thinks her parents are impressed with her.