A 6-year-old cancer survivor knows how tough it can be for kids stuck in a hospital bed during the holidays, so she’s taking on a role to bring cheer to those who need it.

Instead of asking Santa Claus for gifts, Dryden Shirks took on the role of Santa herself. Dryden and her brothers and sisters are bringing 700 toys to a children’s hospital.

“I’m collecting toys for the kids sick in the hospital on Christmas,” Shirks said.

She got the idea to become a Christmas elf when she was at the hospital for 2 1/2 years, sick with leukemia. Her cancer has been in remission for years so now, there’s no time to waste.

“They’re gonna be so happy,” she said.

Dryden also gave her doctor a personalized present, a picture book showing how much she’s done since leaving the hospital two years ago.

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