Girl who was kicked in head has memory ‘reset’ every 2 hours, thinks each day is June 11

(WHDH) — A 16-year-old who suffered a traumatic head injury earlier this summer says she wakes up each day thinking it’s June 11 because her memory “resets” every two hours.

Riley Horner, a native of Monmouth, Illinois, told WQAD-TV that her issues started on June 11 after she was accidentally kicked in the head during a school dance.

The news outlet reports Horner has suffered from dozens of seizures but that doctors have not been able to diagnose her despite many hospital visits.

“You can’t see a concussion though on an MRI or a CT scan,” Horner’s mother, Sarah, said. “There’s no brain bleed, there’s no tumor.”

Riley says her condition is preventing her from making memories. She says she can’t even remember where her locker is in school.

In order to keep up with daily happenings in her life, she writes detailed notes and documents things with her cellphone camera.

“I’m not making memories,” Riley said. “I’m just like really scared.”

Sarah said her daughter has no idea that her brother passed away last week.

Doctors believe she may never be cured.

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