Give It A Day

Little throwback to May with the temps/cloudcover today. Certainly not a washout, but clouds really never gave up enough ground to brighten the afternoon.

And don’t expect to see any blue tomorrow either. A vigorous weather system is barreling out of the Ohio Valley with a big bag of rain for tomorrow.

This storm system has been a moving target. Every 6 hours (when the models update), the bullseye for heavy rain bobs and weaves across the Commonwealth: earlier this morning it was over the Cape, now it’s in Greater Boston. It also varies between models. That said, I’m not certain that there will be a sharp cutoff with rainfall accumulations this time around – everyone’s game for heavy rain south of the Mass./NH border. I’m taking the middle of the road approach. (See the graphic to the right.)

So if you’re commuting in the mid/late morning, prepare for delays and downpours. Later in the day, the rain will become lighter and scoot off Cape. Cooler winds from the northeast mean we’ll only muster a measly 60 or so, but in no way does this jeopardize the weekend forecast.

In typical June fashion, all we have to do is turn on the sun. 80s within reach all weekend long, and with breezes coming from land (not ocean) it’s screaming beach day.

Take it easy.