‘Give me the money’: Clerk describes moment man armed with gun held up Methuen store

Police are searching for an armed man who was stopped from robbing a Methuen convenience store Monday night thanks to a quick-thinking clerk.

Video surveillance released by police shows the suspect enter a convenience store in the area of Jackson Street about 9 p.m. before pulling out a gun and holding it to the clerk’s back as he walked behind the counter.

“I was there in front of the TV and I saw the man coming inside. He has a mask on his face. I thought it was a customer; some customers where it because of dust,” the clerk recalled. “Then he got hold of me and was pushing, but I was resisting. I was walking slow. He put the gun in my back and I was there. I went inside; he also went inside with me.”

The suspect was wearing dark clothing with a hood up, gloves and a white covering over his face.

The clerk says he kept demanding cash.

“He told me, ‘give all the money you have,’” the clerk said. “He repeated this several times, ‘give me the money, give all the money.’”

The clerk, who wasn’t injured, kept his cool during the ordeal.

“I didn’t say anything. There was some money I saved; I put it inside. He thought I was taking money for him, then I told him, ‘the police is coming, police is coming.’ I called the police, then he left,” the clerk said.

The suspect ran out of the store without any cash.

“I wasn’t scared,” the clerk added. “If I was scared, I would have fainted. I was not scared.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Methuen police.

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