Glancing Blow of Snow

Today’s the last full day of winter, and it felt like it.  However, it seems that the beginning of spring is just a date on the calendar, rather than an actual change in seasons.  We’re looking for a glancing blow with snow tomorrow – but it will be more of a nuisance than anything.

Clouds will move in tomorrow and snow showers and/or flurries could turn on as early as 6pm.  It looks like the show’s over by 9pm though, with this quick moving system quickly moving out to sea.  We could see some minor accumulation (1-3″) south of the Turnpike and for SE Mass.  However, the 3″ forecast looks to be on the higher end and may only verify in a couple of areas along the South Coast.  After the winter we’ve been through, this is nothing.  (Side note:  Even though tomorrow is the “first day of spring,” the current seasonal snow total of 108.6″ doesn’t re-set.  Any snow we get from now until next winter will just add on to that number.)

Now, spring-like weather still seems a ways off.  I know, this is a tough pill to swallow for most (if not all) of us.  I’m even suffering from the winter doldrums at this point… I’m just too excited to get out in better weather and take advantage of everything my new hometown has to offer (suggestions of great places for me to see are welcome)!  All of that said, I keep trying to remind myself that winter was late to arrive, so it makes sense for it to also be late to depart.  Remember when Christmas was 60 degrees?  Remember when we were wondering if it would ever snow this winter?  I have seen so many comments on Facebook and Twitter like this:  “Boy, you people REALLY like the stinkin’ cold.  We need to THINK SPRING!  Fix the forecast!”  Trust me, if I had any say on the forecast we would be enjoying temps in the 60s.  

Don’t turn on me here… we’re all suffering together.  Another cold blast is on the way for Sunday/Monday.  Highs will struggle to get to the freezing mark on both days, and a strong breeze will make it very chilly.  At least we have sunshine to look forward to!  And while it looks like the long range forecast will stay generally “below average,” we will see some pops of relief… like next Thursday when it’s 50ish.  – Bri