Good Samaritan hailed for saving Nahant family’s dog from pit bull

LYNN, MASS. (WHDH) - A Lynn writer is being hailed as a hero for helping break up a fight between a Nahant police officer’s family dog and a pit bull.

O.P. Miller told 7News he was on his way to the gym around noon Friday when he saw a little girl waving on the sidewalk, begging for help as a pit bull attacked her pet German shepherd on Conomo Avenue.

“When you see a little girl screaming ‘Help us, help us, help us,’ with tears pouring down her face, you stop,” Miller said.

The girl, Erin Furlong, and her brother, Kyle, were riding their bicycles while their mother walked behind with their beloved dog Lucy when they say a pit bull living along the road attacked the pup.

The family says Lucy struggled to break free as her owner frantically pulled on the leash.

Miller recalled the tense moment he put himself in harm’s way to save the dog.

“I grabbed his collar, started choking him, scratching him, punching him,” Miller said. “He just wouldn’t let go, so I grabbed the collar and twisted it and finally he took a gasp of air and that is when he let go.”

Lucy’s owner, Nahant Police Officer Timothy Furlong, says he will recommend Miller for a citation in recognition of his act of kindness.

“I can’t thank him enough,” Furlong said.

Miller suffered injuries to his hand and received seven rabies shots following the incident.

Both dogs were uninjured.

Lynn police have been in contact with the pit bull’s owners, they have not yet pressed charges.

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