Managed to hold back the showers today, although a few sprinkles managed to sneak through in the afternoon. Tons of clouds blotted out much of the sun too.

Humidity is on the rise over the next day. It will fuel widespread downpours and possible thunder through the morning tomorrow. Look out mid/late AM commuters, there could be lots of standing water on the roads tomorrow. In addition, urban flooding could become a concern in any of the heavier bursts. These downpours will take on a tropical slant as they march through, reminding many of something we typically see in August or September. And while the first part of the day is looking the wettest, the rain becomes lighter and more scattered in the afternoon. That said, we should easily pick up 1″ (or more) of rain in the deluge early tomorrow.

One day from the weekend, and everyone has plans that need sun, low humidity and light winds. I can only deliver on that Sunday. Saturday is still under construction. Slow-moving showers, a weak low forming on a front, and dry air slowly trickling in will mean we will struggle to find sun. I’m optimistic about the afternoon for both less humid air and dry weather, but I can’t see busting out the sun until after 3-5 pm.

What Saturday lacks, Sunday more than makes up for. Tons of sun, gentle sea breezes and plenty of warmth. Around 80 for dad…enjoy that nap in the hammock.


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