While it has been rather dry the past few months, one can make the case of this being an absolutely fantastic summer for southern New England. No different over the next 2-3 days with High Pressure settled in for a little vacation of its own. This area of High Pressure means sunshine, low humidity and afternoon temps in the low to mid 80s.

As we roll through the weekend, the High Pressure begins sliding away and this allows a weak & feeble cool front to take a swipe at us. It won't do much….certainly not lead to any cool weather. In terms of showers or thunderstorms, nothing around these parts but an isolated shower or storm is possible up in northern New England as well as the Berkshires. The timing would be late Saturday afternoon and evening…if at all. Sunday is loaded with sunshine all over New England.

Our pattern becomes hot & humid again by Sunday and lasting into the middle of next week as many cities 7 towns make a run up near 90 for a few days. Humidity will also be on the rise late in the weekend & lingering into the middle of next week. Next chance of any beneficial rain would be Wednesday with some scattered showers & t-storms.



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