I don't know what the first thing you do in the morning is–and maybe I don't want to know–but the first thing I do is wonder who's going to win the Presidential Election.

For a while, I've thought it would be Mitt Romney–because of the economy and the gap between the president's promises and his performance.

But now I think Romney will lose.

Why? The abortion issue.

It's so personal: it's you, or your wife, or your daughter, or your girlfriend.

The idea that government will determine your choice is beyond intrusive-it's a threat to individual freedom.

The Republican Party has just adopted a platform calling for no abortions.

No exceptions!

And I know that's been the GOP's official position since 1984.

But Mitt Romney makes three exceptions: in cases of rape, of incest, and when the life of the mother is at risk.

In the past, the platform has been ignored. But now, thanks to Todd Akin, it won't be.

I believe Romney should clearly state his disagreement with the abortion platform at the GOP convention.

If he doesn't, I think his support among women, and moderate men, will collapse.

I know this will not make conservatives happy. But there aren't enough conservatives in America to elect Mitt Romney.

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