The most important "do" for Cain tonight is to toe the line on 9-9-9. He must redirect voters' attention to his policies.

So he must not get off message. That means he should be focused, which he hasn't been so far.

Mitt Romney might be wise take a lesson from President Obama and lead from behind. Romney's been the star of several debates; tonight he should settle for a supporting role.

And whatever he does, he should not raise Cain! Leave that to someone else.

Newt Gingrich has compared himself to a tortoise running against Romney's hare. If that's true, tonight Gingrich needs to close the gap.

So Newt's number one "do" is to put pressure on Romney…anyway he can.

But, unlike a turtle, he shouldn't snap, because his personality is already problematic.

If Rick Perry is going to revive his campaign, then tonight he should do something different–because what he's done so far hasn't worked…

And he should not be desperate, which he has appeared to be in other debates.

This is the tenth Republican debate, and voters have been watching. I don't think tonight will be any different.

Herman Cain is going to either win or lose…and Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry need not to lose. Mitt Romney would be happy to run out the clock.

How did they do?…I'll be glad to let you know, tonight at 10 and 11.

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