Gov. Baker disappointed with US House’s health care vote

BOSTON (WHDH/AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is criticizing fellow Republicans in the U.S. House for approving a health care bill he says “would significantly reduce critical funds for the commonwealth’s health care system.”

With Thursday’s vote, House Republicans moved one step closer to dismantling former President Barack Obama’s 2010 health care overhaul.

Baker says he’s disappointed with President Donald Trump’s bill.

“My big concern about the bill is that it would cost the Commonwealth a $1 billion,” Baker said. “It’s a very difficult pill for the state to swallow.”

All voting Democrats and a group of mostly moderate Republican holdouts voted no.

Baker said he’ll continue to urge Congress to reject the bill in its current form as it moves to the Senate. He said maintaining flexibility through the Medicaid program is critical to the state’s ability to provide coverage for the needy.

Boston Mayor Walsh is speaking out against the bill as well, calling it disastrous.

“There are big costs in Massachusetts. When the Affordable Care Act passed, we were able to shift some of those costs because it’s universal health insurance. Now we are reversing back,” Walsh said.

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