Grandma’s Thanksgiving texts make her a Twitter sensation

PHEONIX, ARIZONA (NBC) — A woman in Arizona has invited a complete stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner.

It all started with a phone number mix-up and eventually made her a Twitter sensation.

Wanda Dench, aka “Thanksgiving Grandma,” is still trying to process how she became a Twitter sensation.

It all started with the best of intentions, a group text to her grandsons.

“So I said basically ‘Thanksgiving my house this date time, let me know if you’re going to come,'” said Dench.  “But I got a text from ‘who is this’ and I said ‘its Grandma!'”

17-year-old Jamal Hinton was on the receiving end of Dench’s text and since she said it was his grandma he thought it might be and asked for a picture.

“I was thinking OK this is strange, so I took a selfie at work I text him the picture and I waited for a response,” said Dench. “And I got a text back from somebody ‘I don’t know who said you’re not my gma but can I still have a plate?'”

Once the embarrassment of texting a complete stranger subsided, she decided to respond saying “‘sure, grandmas feed everybody.'”

Hinton posted the exchange on Twitter on Monday and that was that, or so he thought.

It has since exploded and so has Dench’s phone.

“Its just a bunch of people,” said Dench, saying “‘hey grandma can I get a plate?'”

Friday she had a chance to meet Hinton, thanks to the help of her other grandson.

And the offer to get a plate still stands.

Hinton accepted the invitation and he is expected to be at the Dench’s house on Thanksgiving.