GRAPHIC: Braintree police ask for donations after dog found nearly starved to death

BRAINTREE, MASS. (WHDH) - Braintree police are asking the public to contribute funds for a severely emaciated dog named Brandy that was recently rescued from a home and is “fighting for her life.”

“We don’t normally advertise gofundme pages unless it hits home with us,” police wrote in a tweet Monday. “We met Brandy as we were dispatched to this call. She is fighting for her life and we want to do all we can for her. Please Share.”

According to Suzanne DiGiammo Rayberg, who created the GoFundMe page, Brandy was found nearly starved to death in a home in Braintree Sunday.

She was rushed to a vet who did blood work and an ultrasound and determined Brandy had not been properly fed and was near death.

“We will do everything that needs to be done to help Brandy survive,” Rayberg wrote in the post. “Brandy deserves to live, and to live a life full of love ,comfort, and happiness! Even through the pain Brandy is feeling and the hell she went through, she was still was so happy to see us. Her tail wagged as we carried her outside, away from there and in to our back yard to safety. She  leaned in for cuddles and hit us with her paw if we stopped petting her. She laid in my lap and rested her head in my hands while we drove to the vet. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and it seemed she was saying thank you ,thank you, thank you. She knew she was finally safe.”

A photo of Brandy the dog. Courtesy GoFundMe.

As of Monday at 1 p.m., the GoFundMe page had raised more than $6,000 from more than 100 donations.

People who would like to contribute to Brandy’s care can do so at

“If people continue to give and there is any left over, all donations will be given directly to charities for rescue dogs in need,” Rayberg wrote. “We will name the charities if this happens. Thank you to everyone for giving, caring and loving. Please share, donate, and keep Brandy in your thoughts on her long and difficult road to recovery.”