More cold air folks. It’s the same old song we’ve sung all winter (kinda like my daughter singing Let It Go-Frozen since Thanksgiving). This cold air isn’t all bad though. We have a powerhouse storm passing south of New England as I type. This storm dropped 4-8″ of snow across northern Virginia/southern New Jersey. Normally, a storm like this in March would then travel north into New England as that is the climatological storm track but this March the storm track has been shoved south due to all the arctic air in place.

I can handle the cold as long as I have my sunshine. Right now, I don’t even have that but as we step into the afternoon those clouds will thin & fade allowing the sun to shine. Despite the sun, our temps behave more like January only reaching 30 for a short time. Skies become completely clear tonight allowing temps to nosedive into the single numbers by Tuesday Morning. Tuesday is another cold day but brighter sunshine all day will boost the temps into the upper 30s, still below normal but not as frigid.

By Wednesday & for the remainder of the work week, our temps start climbing to normal & beyond as we see afternoon highs on Thursday in the lower 50s and near 50 on Friday. Our next weather issue will be some rain showers early Thursday morning, otherwise we are dry all week.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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