Odd day. Flakes took to the skies, and while some picked up a good 1-2 inches along the coast from Portsmouth to Hyannis, a lot of other towns and cities were left to gray skies and passing flurries.

That batch of snow is moving offshore in the next couple of hours, allowing a big bubble of high pressure to settle in over the next day. These types of high pressure have a fondness for bitterly cold air, and this one won’t disappoint. Numbers fall to the single digits and low 10s by morning as most of us clear out – the exception is on the South Shore and the Cape where moist northeast winds keep the clouds around into the morning.

Total clearing and deep blue skies are expected tomorrow, but the numbers hardly budge. Oddly, it will be ‘warmer’ on outer Rt. 2 than it will be along the coast thanks to a developing east/southeast breeze – ditto for Friday, but the numbing cold relents and we bust freezing (or better).

The turnaround everyone has been waiting to hear is this weekend. We’re in between the cold and a parting storm off the Mid Atlantic. It’s a limbo state that puts us in a good place. 50 is within reach as the sun is plentiful and the northwest wind holds off any cooling breeze from the ocean.

Don’t mean to bring the house down, but it’s a one-shot deal folks: colder temps are back Sunday and more clouds move in by Monday. Still…at this point, it’s all about the signs of spring…the rest will take care of itself (ahem, El Sol?) 


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