It’s really starting to feel like the same story every day… we wake up each morning to a similar sight of snow falling… yet again.  In fact, we haven’t seen a snow-less day since the 4th of February.  That was over a week ago!  If you’re feeling a little blue, stuck in a six-and-a-half foot tall snow bank, you’re not alone.

After 0.9″ of snow in Boston today, we’re sitting at 79.4″ of snow for the season.  This now makes this month the snowiest February EVER… Another foot is expected for the weekend, likely taking us up over the 90″ mark and putting us on the record books as the snowiest MONTH ever (the snowiest month on record now is January of 2005 with 43.3″ – look out, current record… we’re coming for you).

Before we get into the details of this weekend’s storm, let’s talk about the crash in temperatures tonight.  By morning we will be in the single digits in most locations, and a breeze will take wind chill readings down as low as -10 to -25F.  Bundle the kids up, and wear lots of layers if you’re taking the dog out!  We won’t rebound with our temperatures tomorrow, either.  Highs will top out in the teens.  

Now, as far as Valentine’s Day plans go:  My advice is, if you can edge your romantic dinner a few hour earlier… do.  The snow starts falling lightly in the late afternoon hours, but it will pick up the pace after the sun goes down.  While Saturday evening is not the height of the storm, things are kicking off around this time. I think by midnight on Valentine’s Day, some areas could have already picked up between 3-5″ of snow.    This would make the babysitter’s drive home very difficult.  Think of the babysitter.

A Blizzard Watch was issued tonight for all of Coastal New England.  This will go into effect on Saturday at 7pm, and stay in effect until Sunday at 7pm.  The snow is there, and the winds are there… which will make for likely blizzard conditions.  However, in order to call it a “blizzard” we have to see the blowing snow, 35+mph winds, and reduced visibilities (1/4 or less) persist for 3 hours or more.  It happened two weeks ago… it could happen again.

I keep thinking of the line from Forrest Gump:  “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.'”  If this winter is our “box of chocolates,” I’d say this box is too heavily loaded with milk chocolate covered coconut bits.  I hate that kind.

We will get through this.  We have no other choice.  If I learned anything from Frozen, all it takes to melt the snow is an act of love.  Perhaps Valentine’s Day will do the trick if we all band together to display our kindness and spread it around!  (If you’re grimacing right now about my “world peace” style comment… It’s cool.  I understand).  – Bri

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