Evan Falchuk, 44, is a successful entrepreneur, having served for 13 years on the executive leadership team of Boston-based global health care company Best Doctors, Inc. He played a lead role in helping grow the company, named to Inc. magazine’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, from 9 employees to over 600. 

Tired of always needing to vote for the “lesser of two evils,” on January 25, 2013, Falchuk led a group of determined Massachusetts citizens in launching Massachusetts’ new United Independent Party. One month later, he declared his candidacy for Governor of Massachusetts. On June 23, 2014, Evan became the first candidate to earn a slot on the November 2014 Election Ballot, as the United Independent Party candidate for Governor. Falchuk’s vision for this new third party is based on the principles most of us share: everyone is equal, everyone’s civil rights must be protected – AND the Commonwealth must spend taxpayer money wisely. The pragmatic combination of these principles doesn’t fit into traditional Democratic or Republican “boxes” – but does fit exactly with what the majority of voters prefer.

Falchuk, a Massachusetts native draws inspiration daily from the story of his grandfather, Solomon Falchuk. Evan’s grandfather, Solomon Falchuk, escaped from Russia at the end of World War I, where as a boy he saw members of his family killed because of their Jewish faith. With next to nothing to his name, he set off for America but was sent instead to Cuba. After several years he moved to Venezuela where he started his own successful business.  Solomon lived to be 101, having realized his dream that his family would one day have better lives in America – lives that included education, healthy children, security, and the freedom of self determination.

It is this family example – this progress made through sheer hard work, grit and choosing life-defining action over passive acceptance of circumstance  – that so shapes Evan’s thinking today. “Whatever your background, we all want our lives to have purpose and meaning, and to be successful at what we are doing,” Evan says. “We want to do for our children what generations before us have done – to fix some part of the world when we’re able, to make our communities better, and build for the generation that follows us.

Like so many people in Massachusetts, I believe we share a responsibility to help – whether building stronger communities, crafting better policies that help Massachusetts businesses of all sizes thrive, or helping people who aren’t able to help themselves. Today’s two-party system just doesn’t deliver this anymore, and we should all be demanding more.” Falchuk, a Massachusetts native, currently lives in Auburndale with his wife, Felicia and their three children.

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