BOXFORD, Mass. (WHDH) — There were frightening moments at a Boxford golf course when an afternoon of golf was interrupted by gunshots.

“The call came in as having an active shooter at the golf course,” said a Boxford official.

Golfers at the Far Corner golf course reported several shots last Friday and Ran for cover. Police then swarmed the course and surrounding area.

It turned out a man was on a Haverhill Farm that backs up to the course, shooting rounds into the brush for target practice.

“The individuals had no idea that they were shooting into the golf course,” said an official.

Officers immediately spoke to the man and took away his gun. Police say target shooting is not unusual at the farm, but since the man was shooting into brush, his bullets just kept flying.

“Too close, too close,” said an official.

The owner of the golf course was just happy no one was hurt.

“People come to play golf, want to have a good time on the countryside and it’s a very, it’s obviously never happened before and it will never happen again,” said the owner.

The shooter is not facing charges, but lost his license to carry a firearm. The owner has also decided to no longer allow target shooting on his property.

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