Gusty winds knock trees over in several Massachusetts towns

NEWTON, MA (WHDH) - NEWTON, MA (WHDH) – Gusty winds knocked down a tree and telephone pole that crashed next to a car in Newton Thursday.

The incident happened on Nobscott Road and Commonwealth Avenue around 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon. Emergency officials said powerful winds caused a tree to blow over, bringing with it a telephone poll that partially smashed into a car.

While the tree narrowly missed the car, lives wires did come down on the car. The two people inside had to be very careful when escaping and managed to get out safely.

“All I could think of is they must have thought this is both the worst day of my life and the greatest day of my life,” said one resident on the street.

Crews worked into the night Thursday to restore power to residents who lost it following the crash.

Similar wind-fueled incidents occurred across the state yesterday. In Halifax, a tree crashed into a Jeep, knocking out power in the process.

In Brockton, a massive tree fell in a roadway in Brockton, and in Topsfield a driver plowed into a tree that snapped and landed in the street.

The Topsfield topple left serious damage to the front bumper of a pickup truck.

A wind advisory is still in effect Friday until 7 a.m.

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