Ahh yes…the classic 3 H weather. Hazy, hot & humid….that is what is on tap for not only today but also tomorrow for much of southern New England. Most towns away from the ocean are heading for the mid 90s and along the coast you can plan on afternoon temps near 90. Any risk of strong thunderstorms with all this heat & humidity is actually quite low as there is nothing to lift this hot/humid air up into the sky (the process needed to create said thunderstorms).

Tomorrow is hot again with temps heading for the low 90s (probably hotter in Boston tomorrow than today thanks to a breezy southwest wind preventing an onshore wind from forming) and the humidity is back in full force but relief is kinda sorta on the way. It's a cool front, which this time of year, usually means a dryline (like they see in Texas). The dryline is the leading edge of drier air but not necessarily cooler air. This cool front will pop a few isolated late day (after 5pm) thunderstorms. Most towns will not see a raindrop.

What this cool front/dryline will do is shove the excessive humidity out to sea so that Friday is another day loaded with sunshine but much drier air. As for temps, not as hot but still above normal with highs in the upper 80s. the warm, dry weather holds into the upcoming weekend.

Make sure you (and your camel) drink plenty of water today..hot stuff.


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