Some hair salons are transitioning to greener operations.

Haircuts and coloring treatments produce piles of waste daily.

In one year, a typical client's hair will produce a pile of rubber gloves, plastic hair coverings, hundreds of foils, tubes of color and mass amounts of hair.

Some salons are cutting back on trash sent to landfills by nearly 100%.

"What most people don't know is that hair is fully recyclable so as the hair comes off generally what we do is just throw it away that's been the old way of taking care of it," said Shawn Carlile of Sensa Salon in Seattle. "Now this can be placed into hair booms and used to absorb oil."

Hair booms can be used to clean oil spills, and unlike their synthetic counterparts, recycled hair booms can be used multiple times.

Sensa Salon is a Certified Green Circle Salon. It recycles about 98% of their waste.

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