You get conversation. You get convenience.  You get–the bill.

Yira"It's really expensive."

Kelsey Abernathy "About 200 a month."

Maggie"There's no way to cost less."

But if that once a month bad billing news is sending you into cell shock, cell phone gurus say it may be time for a mobile makeover!

Nick Lindwedel, Cell Phone Expert,"It doesn't cost you anything to find out what you could be saving."

We're not talking about changing carriers. We're not talking about canceling contracts. But this expert says if you analyze your actual usage and habits, you could save big bucks!

Real estate broker Kelsey agreed to a phone bill experiment. In her biz, she's got to be available 24/7, and she thought she was locked into high-priced deal.

Kelsey Abernathy, Real Estate Agent "And if you're unhappy, it's kind of like a bad marriage, you had to pay a lot to get out."

Right now she grits her teeth at every bill, paying about $200 a month.

Kelsey Abernathy, Real Estate Agent"It's a lot of money."

Kelsey sent Nick her bill, and out came the new bottom line, getting the same services with the same company, she could save $360 a year because she was paying for more minutes than she ever used!

Kelsey Abernathy, Real Estate Agent"Fantastic."

Why does it work? When you sign up for services, you have no idea of how many minutes or talk or text time you'll really need. Then, experts say people just get used to their bill–and figure there's no option. But often you can change your plan mid contract–with no penalty.

Nick Lindwedel, Cell Phone Expert,"You have nothing to lose but money if you don't try."

Two health consultants also submitted their bills for a makeover. Maggie, who just moved to Boston, needs to call family back home. And Yira, uses her phone to connect with her kids and her mom. Both were skeptical that their costs could be lowered.

Yira "I always thought I was like getting the best plan."

But according to Nick's calculations, Yira had paid an unnecessary $60 activation fee. That's money she could get back. And Maggie could save $120 a year if she dropped her unnecessary insurance.

Yira  "That's perfect."

Even without changing your plan–experts say there are ways to slash your bill:

*Don't waste your cell phone minutes to check voice mail! DO that from a landline.

*Don't sign up for a new long-term plan just to get a new phone. Buy the phone separately.

*And drop the insurance on your phone–that alone could be more than $100 a year.

Bottom line: check your bill's bottom line, or you may be dialing for too many dollars.

Cell phone industry officials told us carriers are happy to discuss billing options and changes. But remember: phone companies are not obligated to notify when you can save money! In this case-it's up to you to pick up the phone.

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