Tax day 2009! Protesters in Boston and across the country marched in force, waving signs and shouting. Angry that their tax bills are too high.

The government works hard to collect all that tax money, but our investigation found millions and millions more dollars owed to the federal government and that's money the feds just haven't bothered to claim.

Bob Taylor, Deputy Assistant Inspector General, US Treasury "I think it's important because it is money that should come into the coffers here so it's available to be used. Every penny does count."

Money for the United States Department of Commerce, the Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, Education, the FBI, and many more. In Massachusetts alone waiting in the unclaimed cash accounts of the State Treasurer's office, we easily found almost $100,000.

Hank Phillippi Ryan"So you want to give them this money?"

Tim Cahill, Massachusetts Treasurer "We absolutely want to give them this money." 

There's even money for the Federal Reserve Bank — who you'd think would keep its accounting straight.

Where does the money come from? It's un-cashed checks, liquidated stock, dividends, credits on overpayments, refunds, money that's seems to be falling through the cracks of the same federal agencies that demand your tax dollars to survive.

Tim Cahill, Massachusetts Treasurer "If they can save a job, if they can improve their operations, especially in tough times, every little bit helps."

And we had no trouble finding the money, we just went online to this website, missing money dot com and our nationwide search found big bucks in states across the country.

In Florida:

Rick Sweet, Florida Assistant Bureau Chief for the Bureau of Unclaimed Property"The money is definitely theirs. We would love to return it to them at whatever point they'd like to file a claim."

In Michigan we found: $33,000. In North Carolina: $230,000. In Texas: $230,000. And in California: $346,000.

Jacob Roper, California Controller's Office"A lot of money piles up quickly in the unclaimed property program, and that's even more reason to check."

To get the money? All the agencies have to do is ask.

Jacob Roper, California Controller's Office"They should contact us as quickly as possible, every dollar counts right now."

But the Mass Treasurer's office told us most federal agencies just don't bother. They haven't heard from the US Treasury, for instance, since 2003.

Hank Phillippi Ryan "Isn't that kind of outrageous?"

Tim Cahill, Massachusetts Treasurer "Well, government in general is inefficient."

How inefficient? Federal officials admitted they now estimate the forgotten funds total close to ten million dollars.

Bob Taylor, Deputy Assistant Inspector General, US Treasury "It's kind of stupid to just let it sit there."

But we have learned the Mass treasurers' office is beginning a new program. They'll now contact every federal agency to make sure they get their cash.

Tim Cahill, Massachusetts Treasurer "Anything we can do to put more money in the general fund will keep the government from asking the taxpayers for more money. So we're happy to do it."

We contacted all the major federal agencies who are missing out on money: All continue to tell us–they're looking into it.(Copyright (c) 2009 Sunbeam Television Corp. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

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