Harvard professor responds to targeted anti-Semitic message

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - A professor at Harvard University said he received an anti-Semitic postcard in the mail and he is blaming the hate on the presidential election.

Sanford Levinson has been a constitutional law professor at the University of Texas for 36 years but is currently a visiting professor at Harvard. He said the postcard arrived with two first-class stamps, seemingly mailed from the United Kingdom. On the back was an anti-Semitic message addressed to him by his nickname, Sandy.

The postcard goes on to say, “We’re going to drain the swamp at Harvard Law School,” and ends with the name of a German board game from the 1930s, Juden Raus.

“The point of the game was to get Jews off the board,” said Levinson. “Juden Raus means ‘Jews Out.'”

Levinson believes the postcard is a by-product of the presidential election. He has been an outspoken opponent of President-elect Donald Trump online and admits to calling him a sociopath.

“I think the entire country is threatened by Donald Trump’s selection and so I have never been so worried about the country in my entire life,” said Levinson.

Levinson said he reported the postcard to Harvard’s dean and does not fear for his safety.

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