Headaches and Heartbreak: 7 Investigates helps Worcester couple get belongings back after cross country move

(WHDH) — Carmela Taylor knew moving across the country wasn’t going to be easy. But she never guessed it would be so hard.

“I want to stop this from happening to someone else. No one should feel violated,” says Taylor.

When Carmela was planning her move from Utah to Massachusetts last year she decided to work with a broker, a company called Priceline Logistics out of Florida, that would then hire a moving company.

“I’m like oh that’s good. If I can go through them, they find the company and it’s trusted, then that would be great. More stress off my back,” says Taylor. Taylor was 6 months pregnant at the time with the couple’s little girl so thought this was the easiest solution.

Everything was set to be delivered by Moving Forward Express on October 20th, one week after Carmela and her husband left Utah. The couple arrived in Massachusetts, but their belongings didn’t.

The delivery truck finally arrived two months later.

When the truck was unloaded, the Taylors were shocked. They said they only had about 1/4 of their belongings. They were still missing a kayak, a bike rack, a chair, a piano, and 14 totes, among other things.

One very important item was missing, an urn holding the ashes of their stillborn twins.

“We searched through every tote and it wasn’t there,” says Taylor. “All I want is my twin baby boys’ urn, that’s all I want.”

How did this happen?

The couple says the owner of Moving Forward Express told them his drivers needed to switch trucks at some point on the road.

“The story was that they couldn’t fit everything in the truck, so our belongings were in a storage unit,” says Taylor.

They say the owner kept promising different delivery dates for the second shipment, but no truck ever showed up, so the Taylors reached out to 7 Investigates.

“I feel like we’re not going to get it back and I’m hoping that this will help,” says Taylor.

We talked with the broker and the moving company and were told the Taylors would have the rest of their belongings, including the urn, in a few days.

We were there when the moving truck pulled into their driveway in Mid- January. The supervisor refused to open the truck until we turned off our camera. He even had the movers drive away at one point.

The movers came back a few minutes later but would not answer our questions off-camera or the Taylors’ questions as they recorded on their cell phones.

Some of what was delivered were damaged. According to the Taylors, a chair was missing an arm, the piano was scratched, and a crib for the new baby was broken.

But after a few minutes of searching, the Taylors were able to find the one thing they really wanted, the urn.

“I don’t know if they would have brought that stuff if you guys didn’t get involved,” says Taylor.

7 News contacted the US Department of Transporation and were told Moving Forward Express has 6 registered complaints against them in the last year.

The broker, Priceline Logistics, has received 40 complaints.

The DOT is now investigating the Taylors’ case.

You can look up whether a moving company or broker has complaints here.

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