Heading to the Boston Marathon? These 10 items are banned

BOSTON (WHDH) - Heading to the Boston Marathon this Patriots Day to cheer on the runners as they embark on a 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton into the city? If so, you’re going to want be mindful of what you bring to the race.

The Boston Athletic Association released a list of items that will not be allowed on the sidelines along the race route.

For safety reasons, law enforcement officials are urging spectators not to carry these 10 items on marathon Monday:

  • Bags: Backpacks, handbags or any similar items carried over-the-shoulder
  • Suitcases: Any kind of rolling bag
  • Coolers
  • Certain containers: Glass, cans or any container capable of carrying more than 1 liter of liquid
  • Fireworks: Flammable liquids, fuels or explosives
  • Packages: Bulky items larger than 12x12x6 inches
  • Large blankets: Comforters, duvets, sleeping bags
  • Weapons: Items of any kind that may be used as weapons, including firearms, knives and pepper spray
  • Costumes: Those covering the face or any non-form-fitting, bulky outfits extending beyond the perimiter of the body
  • Props: Sporting equipment, flagpoles, hard objects, military/fire gear

There will be a heavy police presence monitoring the spectator areas along the route.

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