Mother Nature put on quite a show this afternoon with the storms. A cold pool of air spinning overhead gave us a perfect setup for strong and severe storms across all of Central and Southern New England. With daytime heating, clouds billowed up in the cold air, and because the freezing level was so low, hail was a common feature in many of the storms.

In Milford (courtesy @Sami_DawnM)

Looked like snow on the Cape! (courtesy @angellslace)

Aside from the hail, the rain came down in buckets! (courtesy @ashnoeL in Holbrook)

Thankfully, wind gusts were kept to a minimum, and there were no reports of major damage from any of the storms. Whew!

Nice day tomorrow to get the weekend rolling. Storms stay away, the air remains dry and the breezes will be OFFshore – keeping the sea breezes at bay – Mass. Bay to be exact. Different story on Saturday – sea breeze-wise. Lighter winds will allow the temps to cool to near 80 at the beaches while the inland communities roast to the mid 80s. All around a stellar weekend forecast!

Enjoy one of the last 4 weekends of summer. (There I said it.)


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