Headstones knocked over at Pennsylvania Jewish cemetery

Philadelphia, PA (WHDH) — Yet again, members of the Philadelphia Jewish community are responding to grave yard vandalism.

Around 12:30 p.m. a groundskeeper at Adath Jushurun Cemetery reported five headstones found forcefully toppled to the ground.

When police arrived, they noted another two that someone, or some people, tried, unsuccessfully, to bring down.

In 2015, the same cemetery had over 100 grave-markers toppled. And earlier this year, at the nearby Mt. Caramel Cemetery, similar destruction was carried out.

All focused on predominately Jewish sections of the burial grounds.

“It wasn’t on the scale that Mt. Caramel was,” said Lt. Dennis Rosembaum of the Philadelphia Police Department. “We don’t know if the kids are coming through there and doing these things.
There’s no anti Semitic graffiti or anything like that but obviously it’s concerning.”

Rabbi Solomon Issiacson does not feel that these crimes are necessarily anti-Semitic, but instead, he sees it as kids acting without regard for life and death.

“In the past year or so its happened in many other cemeteries and not only here in our area but all over the country,” said Rabbi Issiacson,” We don’t treat it with the proper seriousness that is needed for something like this.”

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