Doctors warn of dangers when cleaning grills with a wire brush

Doctors are warning about a serious hazard when it comes to grilling.

Whether you do it before or after a cookout, it turns out a good cleaning of your grill could present a bigger hazard than not cleaning at all.

Researchers at the University of Missouri say people using grills need to be aware of the risks when cleaning with a wire brush.

A bristle that falls off the wire brush, plants itself right on the grill and creates a serious hazard for grillers like Matt Hale, a husband and father of four.

“That is the last thing that I want is a metal piece to end up in their food and that causes complications later on down the road,” said Hale.

Complications that doctors say can’t be understated.

“One little bristle unrecognized could get lodged into various areas in the body, the throat, tonsil region, neck region,” said Dr. David Chang.

So, a worn-out wire brush should be thrown away. Better yet, use a nylon-bristle brush to keep clean the grill you’ll use all summer.

Another option is to use a ball of aluminum foil, or just burn the food remnants off.