Back to school means back to stress for many students. 

For parents, it’s the big transitions that cause the most anxiety.

Heading off to kindergarten or switching school takes the biggest toll. 

Experts are suggesting a calm approach to reassuring your kids. 

Clinical psychologist doctor Donna Rockwell said parents should be reassuring to their child but it is okay to be emotional as well. 

“Get back in the car and cry, not to be afraid to feel those feelings, and to understand that they’re actually feelings that are a celebration of life itself.”

Starting middle school, high school, or a new school can be particularly stressful for children. 

According to experts, it is important to talk to your child about their worries and realize your approach needs to grow as they do. 

“Once the fall arrives, there is a sort of summer solstice depression, if you will, where it feels like the summer went by so fast and now we have this long winter to look forward to and it is really hard,” Rockwell said. “So I think it’s important maybe on Labor Day to have a really great time, to soak up the last bit of summer, to appreciate it.”

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