The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning for a new mosquito-borne virus that is causing concern, specifically for pregnant mothers.

The CDC is so concerned, it’s issuing a travel warning for the “Zika virus”.

In northern Brazil, babies are being born with microcephaly–abnormally small heads and brain damage that often leads to death.

Researchers believe mosquitos are spreading the "Zika" virus, by infecting pregnant mothers who then pass it on to babies in the womb.

While the symptoms in adults are usually short-lived and nothing more than a rash, fever, and joint pain, a staggering 3,500 Brazilian babies have been born with microcephaly in just the past year.

Tropical disease specialists say "Zika" is spreading fast.

Health experts have been cautioning anyone traveling to the regions to protect themselves from mosquitos.

The CDC is preparing a travel warning advising women of child-bearing age and pregnant women to avoid the areas.

At least one woman in Texas is thought to have already returned with the virus.

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