Healthcast: Extended vision lens

LAKE CHARLES, La. (WHDH) — A new procedure is changing the way people with cataracts can see.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jon Yokubaitis said many people get presbyopia, or the aging eye, after they turn 40. Those with cataracts, however, are unable to use traditional lens implans are they do not offer near and distance focus. That has now changed, with the FDA approving the Symfony Intraocular lens.

“Symfony is a new generation of implants for cataract surgery to correct their presbyopia, to correct their nearer vision, in addition to their distance vision,” said Yokubaitis.

Yokubaitis said the procedure to remove the cataract and implant the lens takes about five minutes. One patient, Sally Foret, said she has seen a significant change after she got the implant.

“The next morning I woke up and looked around and was just amazed about how much I could see,” said Foret.

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