An Indiana woman who has undergone multiple knee replacements is now using a new procedure that relieves pain and changed her life.

Despite three knee replacement surgeries, Kerry Lawson said chronic knee pain was ruining her life.

"It was awful," said Lawson. "I can't even explain, only people who have chronic pain can understand chronic pain. And you don't want to whine and you don't want to cry and you don't want people to feel sorry for you, but you want to walk."

Lawson said she was relying on pain pills, but could only take them at night because of her job as a college professor. Then last year, she learned about Dr. Orlando Landrum, who specializes in pain management.

Landrum suggested Lawson try a new procedure called "Coolief," which utilizes radio-frequency ablation to provide long-term relief to those with chronic knee pain. Local anesthetic is given to the nerve that supplies the knee that then goes up through the spinal cord and then the brain. Landrum said needles allow the nerve function to stop, so the patient does not have the sensory of perception in that area.

Lawson got the procedure done on both knees and described it as making an "unbelievable difference" with her pain.

Coolief can also be used for patients with hip and back pain. The procedure is covered by most insurance companies.

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