Healthcast: Replacing running shoes

HOUSTON (WHDH) — A footwear expert says running shoes should be replaced about every 350 miles for runners and people working out.

Feet absorb four times the body weight for runners and the right footwear is needed to prevent injury.

“It’s really important to get the right fit on shoes, the right sock,” said footwear specialist Christina Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said some running shoes with a wider fit in the middle are optimal for people who need arch support. Others have a dense section under the arch that are better for people whose ankles roll inward.

“It’s called a denser stability posting so anytime anyone is running, if they roll in, it’s going to push them more into a neutral position.” Neutral position is the running position that helps people avoid injury.

While some running shoes can cost close to $100, Rodriguez said it is a good investment if it is meant to last hundreds of miles.

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