The video was terribly sad – an abused, neglected dog, refusing to do anything but stare at the wall.

Months later, that same dog is recovering, healthy, playful and happy.

PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland posted the video in July of 2015 on its Facebook page of Angel, a Sighthound who had been rescued but refused to acknowledge anyone. Instead, the animal huddled with its nose tucked in the corner.

The video elicited a strong reaction, gaining thousands of shares. You can see it here:

But just a few days ago, PAWS Animal Rescue Ireland posted another video. The dog has a new name (Cara), and as you can see by the video, the dog has a new air of confidence as well.

You can see that video below:

PAWS noted in the comments that the dog was adopted and is on the road to full recovery.

PAWS has 118 dogs currently in shelter, 90 percent of which are sighthounds.

Learn more about PAWS Animal Rescue of Ireland here.

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