Heat and Humidity

"The best beach day of the holiday weekend!"  It certainly was, with mostly sunny skies and temps in the upper 70s to low 80s.  This weather had some people asking, "Can we do it again?"  Indeed, we can!  

High pressure is keeping us relatively dry as we head into the start of the work-week.  Maybe you were smart enough to request off an extra day, and you're headed to the beach again tomorrow.  Temps are getting a boost, but so is the humidity.  Nevertheless, there's a warm, summer-like day to be enjoyed tomorrow.  We're in for mostly sunny skies, with a few afternoon clouds and light winds.  A touch of a sea breeze will keep the immediate coastline, Cape Cod and Cape Ann a touch cooler (upper 70s to near 80).  Away from the coastline though, AC units everywhere will be turning on.  Monday's highs will be in the mid to upper 80s with even a few spots making it up to 90°!  

With the temperature and the humidity both on the rise we will be watching out for showers and thunderstorms this week.  There's a very slight chance for Monday, but I don't even want to honor it in my forecast as it's only about a 10% chance.  Showers are more likely on Tuesday, with a chance of pop-up thunderstorms (30% chance) – and most likely on Wednesday (50% chance).

Since we're talking probability here, I just want to throw a quick note into the mix.  When meteorologists say "30% chance," we're taking into account not only the chance of precipitation, but also the area of coverage.  So, when I say "a 30% chance of showers," I don't mean "it's a 70% chance there won't be showers."  What I mean by "30% chance of showers" is "showers will likely be popping up on Tuesday, but most will not see them."  Hopefully that makes sense…  We bring percentages into the equation and things get tricky…

I mentioned the humidity on the rise as well as the temps.  Some of us noticed it today with dewpoints between 56-65°.  That's when things start to get sticky.  The question I got on Twitter tonight was, "Should I wear a ponytail to work tomorrow?"  My answer:  The "Frizz Factor" is going up, and will stay up through most of the week.  We all may need to get a bit creative with different styling products and/or fancy up-do's!  

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating this wonderful country!  I didn't quite get my fill of hot-dogs and burgers yet, so I think another cookout is in store for tomorrow.  It'll be great weather for it!  – Breezy